Watkins Strategies is managing community relations efforts on nearly $1 billion worth of construction projects throughout New England.

Project owners are committed to maintaining open and positive relations with members of the public and community groups who may be impacted by, or interested in a project. These relations have become more and more critical, and therefore a solid community relations plan has become an essential component of a successful project.

Our firm’s experienced staff has designed and implemented community relations plans for some of the largest construction projects in the Northeast. These outreach plans have been critical in educating and informing key stakeholders, alleviating opposition, strengthening relationships in the community, and keeping major developments and infrastructure projects on schedule.

Watkins Strategies is instrumental in implementing programs that allow contractors to focus on their scope of work. While contractors work to get the job built, our staff performs critical outreach in project neighborhoods and within each municipality’s governmental branch in advance of and throughout construction. These functions demonstrate to community leaders a willingness to go the extra mile in educating the public and taking abutter concerns seriously.

Let us help move your project forward.